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Is the Private Legends Group Right For You?

From time to time I accept new private consulting clients. If we’re a good fit and I see that I can help you then I’ll invite you to mentor with me for a year.

This is for “A” level entrepreneurs who have a strong and profitable business already but realize that they’re not tapping into their full market/income potential and want to quickly build an empire.

If you and your business are a good fit then we’ll work together. I’ll show you how to quickly organize your business structure, cultivate and attract a strong team and become a capable and decisive leader so that you can time collapse your business growth, multiple your profits and scale your business quickly so that it can reach it’s fullest potential.

How does the Private Legends Group Work?

Our first step is a strategy call to help me fact-find and to quickly get me caught-up on your business and it’s structure.

Then we’ll set a date to meet in person (or via zoom) for your first of two half day private, in-person sessions with me at a location we choose based on my travels.

Throughout the year you’ll have phone and email access to me to give you specific action steps, accountability and implementation. We’ll meet again in person at month four for your second half day private mentoring session.

For the remainder of the year we’ll continue to work together for via phone and email communication making sure that you and your team are implementing and executing the game plan we’ve set forth.

How I help you:

I pull from my years of in-the-trenches experience of launching, growing and selling multi-million dollar brands and business in the real estate space, software (SAAS), online media and ad agencies, and consumer products and business services.

I believe in practicing what you preach which is why I continue to build empires and invest in start up businesses (via a holding company I run with partners) across multiple industries that have multi-million dollar potential.

I am a private advisor, investor and mentor to top CEOs and Entrepreneurs in the world from North America and Central America, to Europe, Asia and Australia / New Zealand and the individuals I work with are committed to a 10x – 100x mindset for their businesses and most importantly for their personal lives.

I work with the best of the best and can transfer and install those learnings into your business in lightspeed… if you are willing, able, and have an open mind!

Is this right for you?

Make no mistake about it, I’m going to dive deep into your life and business and uncover the limiting factors that are causing you to become the bottleneck in your business.

We’ll also uncover the factors that are affecting your growth potential so that we fix the problems and focus on making a bigger impact in your industry, multiplying your income and profits, and building your empire to it’s fullest potential.

How can you apply?

By the nature of what I do, I am creative and flexible in how we structure a partnership for a win/win, but everything is based on results.

All my partnerships contain some combination of a consulting fee, revenue share, and equity because I consider this a partnership. As you can imagine this structuring varies between a public company, a hedge fund, a SaaS business, a professional services company or a coaching/consulting business so I am flexible in how we structure each piece after we agree that we want to work together.

Please note I do not do any “per hour” consulting, or “pick your brain” lunches, or respond to any “can I pay you for your time” because I prefer working to deliver a result. So if you are looking for this, please know that I really appreciate you considering me but I do not do this in any shape or form.

All my relationships are not “client” based but “partner” based, meaning we have a structure (equity, rev share, profit %, incentive compensation, growth % etc) that is designed and customized for our work together based on your needs, the size and opportunity for the company, and how I can be helpful.

So if you can see the ROI of the investment, if your business is a good fit for me, and and if you’re willing to do the work on YOURSELF and on your BUSINESS then click the link below to fill out a one-minute application and we’ll get on the phone together to see if we’re going to be a good fit.

As you can imagine we are so grateful to get 100s of applications, so if you need something urgently I would suggest you submit an application and then send me a DM on Instagram with a quick message.

I am grateful for the opportunity to support you. I hope this transparency helps you.


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